Andrews Owusu

First Secretary Embassy of Ghana
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Among all the games I think that Football is the most popular one on the continent of Africa and especially in Ghana, too. Football is so popular and so widely known than any other game in Africa. Everybody in Ghana loves football including women. Most people in Ghana love football. And they do patronize some of these football matches so much, and they do patronize it so well.

It used to be the case that most of these players were in Africa. And now we have a lot of players in the European league and other major leagues in the whole world. So, football is really developing in Africa. When you come to Europe, we have world-known players like Samuel Eto (of Cameroun) , we have Habib Touré of Elfenbeinküste and of course we have our own Michael Essien and Samuel Kuffour who used to play for Bayern Munich.

I think the coach who currently is handling the "Ghana Blasters" is Ratomir Dujkovich and for more indications he has done well. For the first time it was truly his effort that Ghana was able to qualify for the world cup. So he has really done well. And I think the people of Ghana do love and support him.

It is quite possible that an African team could win the world cup. But there are other good teams coming to the world cup such as Brazil, Italy and England. But I really hope that an African team will win the world cup.

Redaktion: Marcus Pawelczyk
Kamera und Schnitt: Jovan Arsenic
Das Interview entstand auf dem Africafestival in Würzburg vom 25. bis 28. Mai 2006.
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