Is the Tsipras era coming to an end?

Voters in Greece punished Alexis Tsipras's centre-left ruling party Syriza in the European elections: it secured only 23.7 percent of the vote, trailing far behind the centre-right opposition party Nea Dimokratia with its 33.3 percent. Chrissi Wilkens, euro|topics' correspondent in Greece, talks about the hopes and woes of the Greek people.

There is a lot of pressure on Alexis Tsipras after the rebuff his party suffered in the European election and the local election. (© picture-alliance, SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called for a snap election after his party suffered a heavy defeat in both the European Parliament elections and the first round of local elections held on the same day. The vote is to take place on 7 July.

Polls show Nea Dimokratia clearly in the lead, but whether it will be able to gain an absolute majority remains unclear.

Euro|topics correspondent Chrissi Wilkens explains in a video why the Greeks castigated Tsipras and his party at the polls and what they are pinning their hopes on now.

Chrissi Wilkens, euro|topics-correspondent in Greece, reports on the hopes and fears of the Greeks.

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