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Radical Islamist ideologies offer alluring promises: rules and structure, clarity and belonging, answers to the big - and little - questions of existence. Dividing the world into "good" and "evil", "friend" and "foe" implies there is no alternative.

For these and other reasons, many of the young people who travelled to Syria and Iraq to support militant Islamist groups had no "Plan B" for their return to society.

This volume examines the importance of working with radicalized young people, and discusses how their ideas can be addressed. The authors argue for a deeper understanding of radicalization. Between them they outline the spectrum of prevention: describing a wide range of personal experiences with radicalized and endangered young people, reporting on successful projects, and speaking openly about the limits and pitfalls of their work.

  • Deutsche Ausgabe

  • Autorin: Jana Kärgel (ed.), Übersetzung: Paul Bewicke, Mary Tyler, Susan Jones, Staci von Boeckmann, Seiten: 360, Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2019, Erscheinungsort: Bonn, Bestellnummer: 10338

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