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Focus Groups

The NECE Focus Groups are a new tool of the NECE networking process. We have taken up participants’ suggestions for an exchange forum between the yearly conferences and for more transparency about networking results of the conferences. These groups are open to everyone who is interested in a more intensive exchange and continuous work on specific topics and projects. The focus groups will publish papers and documents on the NECE website and will contribute to the conferences. The initial meetings of the NECE Focus Groups took place at the NECE conference, 21 - 24 November 2012 in Córdoba (Spain). The participants discussed key areas and procedures of work and identify stakeholders for further co-operation. The groups also set up a timetable for further digital and face-to-face activities with regard to the focus group`s topic. The first working results of each Focus Group you may find below. Within the next month you also may find more background information on each Focus Group and its work as well.

PDF-Icon NECE Focus Groups

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