Conference Pre-Workshop: Scenario-Workshop for the NECE Conference 2013

“The European Union and the Promise of Democracy: What can Citizenship Education and Civil Society contribute?”
Intended as preparation for this year´s NECE Conference from 14-16 November 2013, a scenario workshop comprising 35 participants from Europe and Egypt took place from 7-9 July 2013 in The Hague (the Netherlands). Based on the issues “What type of a Europe do we want?”, “How do alternative future concepts for the EU look like?” and the challenges and opportunities arising from that, the central questioning of the NECE Conference 2013 - “What will be the crucial issues and challenges of citizenship education in the future?” - was pursued. Therefore, four scenarios on the future of the EU in 2030 were developed with the participants during the workshop. After that the participants derived implications for civil society, the democratic deficit of the EU, the role of citizenship education and practical approaches and projects concerning these four scenarios. The results will form the point of departure and reference framework for the NECE Conference.

The Scenario-Working Method in general

During a scenario workshop the scenario technique will be employed to portray and simulate possible future developments (scenarios) on one topic area. The objective is to try to describe the effects of potential future developments as well as to highlight opportunities to take action, in order thus to portray various courses of development and development alternatives. External support will be called on to lead the scenario workshop, in order to ensure that neutral discussions are held.

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