Antisemitsm in the context of Islamophobia: Jews and Muslims as "the others"

Antisemitism in Muslim communities is connected to Islamophobia and to global Muslim identities but very often hardly differs from traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes within the majority society. This project is providing new research results and a new approach to Antisemitism not only in Muslim communities. It offers comparisons among European countries (France, UK, Germany, Austria) and can be seen as a model for further research and political debates.

Racism in general has received less attention from the media and society than Antisemitism, which exacerbated an ongoing competition between Muslim and Jewish minorities. On the other hand, more and more European Jews are scared, hide their identity, and some have even left Europe. To learn about the complexity of Antisemitism especially in Muslim communities and the problem of developing a generally accepted definition of Antisemitism and Islamophobia and to recognize strategies of instrumentalizing minorities, this project aims to de-escalate this very emotional debate by regarding "Muslim Antisemitism" as a very complex phenomenon that cannot be reduced to religion, to a side-effect of migration or a transfer of escalations in the Middle East. It has to be analyzed in a much broader context, which includes social marginalization, the impact of colonialism, and Holocaust commemoration.

Helga Embacher

Helga Embacher

University of Salzburg, Austria,
E-Mail: helga.embacher@sbg.ac.at
Ph.: +43 664 8525-413

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