T-Tools for dialogue and reconcilation

To produce training content (visuals, non-verbal, audio, videoclips) organize contest of participants online and at festivals (eg. MitOst) that would offer ideas regarding the training content.

  1. Dissaminate this knowledge among experts of trainers from Salto-Youth -> Erasmus+ social cultural entrepreneurship, language teachers informal leaders of main civic groups in the region. History teachers, IDPs and youth, sightseeing tours.
  2. Network 360° with all NECE platforms, experts and selected exiting projects (e.g. F2C, Peele Circles, NHSM).
  3. Create MOOC on the results of the projects, disseminate multiply.




depends on availability of resources

Olga Terenetska

Olga Terenetska

ANO Master's degree student
E-Mail: tereneto@yahoo.com
Ph.: +30 6956642756

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