Workshop: Challenges and Perspectives of Citizenship Education in Central and South Eastern Europe

11th-13th September 2009, Croatia, Zagreb
The social effects of the economic and financial crisis, along with the persistence of right-wing populist and nationalist currents, are posing new and acute problems for people involved in citizenship education and projects in the area. The goal of this workshop was to increase transparency of the special structures of citizenship education in the countries of Central and South Eastern Europe, and to define its role in the realm of initiatives in civil society. In a second phase, the workshop looked for new ways of working together in the field within a European context. Based on examples from concrete projects, the participants worked on and discussed recommendations for new partnerships and projects between both players from the region and between citizenship education experts from Western and Eastern Europe.


11th - 13th September 2009


Hotel Palace
Trg J.J. Strossmayera 10

A European workshop organised by

Federal Agency for Civic Education
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Ivo Pilar Institute, Zagreb
MitOst Association
In cooperation with
ERSTE Foundation


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