Conference: Citizenship Education Facing Nationalism and Populism in Europe

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New forms of nationalistic and populist movements have arrived in Europe. Citizenship education has to search new ways to address the conflicts associated with these specific and complex variants of nationalism and populism. In the conference we are seeking for explanations for what causes these new sentiments. And we try to address these as part of a European phenomena.

New forms of nationalist and populist movements have arrived in Europe. What began as a fringe campaign has become a challenge for politics and political systems in many EU nations. The 4th European conference of the NECE-Network (Networking European Citizenship Education; www.bpb.de/nece) is addressing these new and complicated issues. The conference will invite practitioners and experts from all over Europe to exchange interpretations and experiences of nationalism and populism in their respective countries. Nationalist and populist currents are a pan-European problem and therefore have to be discussed in a new and multilateral fashion.





November, 6th - 8th, 2008


Hilton Hotel
1 Bulgaria Boulevard
1421 Sofia


Multipliers, Educators and young professionals in civic and education projects

Organizer and Cooperation Partners

Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future', the Goethe Institute Bulgaria and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture in cooperation with n-ost, eurotopics, the Center for Citizenship Education, Poland, the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria and the Allianz Cultural Foundation, Germany.

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